Alongside making upcycled outerwear & Weaving Ashley also runs hands-on textile workshops to share handcraft skills, Upcycling skills & ideas, alongside promoting conversation around waste in the fashion & textile industry.  

Ashley currently offers workshops teaching embroidery, couching, and yarn wrapping – all with recycled & deadstock materials including discarded wedding dresses and event wear.

As well as running workshops myself for groups, I offer sessions at launches, public, teambuilding, and corporate events, weddings, hen parties etc. Suitable for complete beginners.

Workshops can be tailored to the needs of the organisers and we can run workshops around the organisation such as using their own deadstock or waste materials.

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Collaborations include

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EarthFest Trade Day with Loom

Drop In upcycling patch workshops

British Textile Biennial Workshops

New Designers 2023 Live Demo & Workshop

Floral couching workshops

Valentines & Hen party couching workshops

University of Greenwich X London Repair week